Gifts of Joy 2023 with Aarika's Closet

A Celebration of Culture, Tradition, and Togetherness
This bundle, "Gifts of Joy," is a perfect way to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Aarika's Closet Sari Dresses and Every Girl Dolls come together to offer a unique gift that allows young South Asian girls to explore and cherish their cultural heritage. The sari dresses represent the elegance and beauty of Indian traditions, while Every Girl Dolls add a special touch by introducing a companion that reflects their culture and identity.

What makes this bundle even more special is that it includes matching dresses for both the doll and the girls. This allows them to enjoy the fun and excitement of wearing matching clothing, creating a deeper connection between the dolls and their young owners. It's a gift that brings joy and a sense of togetherness during the holiday season, fostering a deep connection to their roots.

At Every Girl Dolls, we're committed to representation, celebrating brown skin, and promoting cultural curiosity. With this holiday Bundle, we're taking a step further to bring families together in their cultural journey. Get ready to light up this season. Order your bundle today and embark on a beautiful cultural adventure with Laila and Aarika's Closet!  

** Bundles ship free, quantities limited so act quickly!