About Us

Every Girl Dolls started with two moms on a mission to find affordable, fun dolls for their kids that celebrate who they are.

It Started with Payal Instagram

Payal is a busy mom of two great kids in Northern Virginia. In the  summer of 2020, she went shopping for a doll for her 5-year-old daughter but struggled to find one that looked like her. 

Payal’s kids are blindian, and Payal wanted to give her daughter a gift that could celebrate her South-Asian identity. Most of what she found looked all wrong – or was outrageously expensive. None of the dolls she found fit what she wanted: a brown doll that celebrated her daughter’s ethnic heritage that she could play with every day and share with her friends. 

Along Came Snehali Instagram

While Payal was busy looking for a doll for her daughter, Snehali was looking for a doll for her sassy little god-daughter.

Snehali is a new mom and godmother living in New Jersey. She had always told her god-daughter's parents that she wanted to be the one to buy her a doll. While there were plenty of pretty dolls in the market, none celebrated South-Asian culture or looked remotely close to their skin tones. 

Snehali looked for almost 2 years, before settling for something that wasn’t what she was looking for. Now with a daughter of her own, Snehali is determined to create something that represents her heritage that all kids will love.

Every Girl Dolls is Born!

Payal and Snehali decided to join forces in the Winter of 2020 to create dolls for every girl - and Every Girl Dolls was the result.  

The goal is to make dolls that represent your child, so they can see themselves in their play, celebrate their uniqueness, and share their culture with family, friends, and classmates.

Every Girl Dolls will be launching their first doll – a South Asian doll inspired by their own daughters – in February 2022.