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Suneera Madhani - A role model for all

Suneera Madhani is a well-known businesswoman and entrepreneur who founded Stax in 2014 with the goal of disrupting the traditional payment processing industry by offering transparent and affordable pricing. She is also a prominent advocate for women in business and entrepreneurship. In addition to leading Stak, Madhani hosts the CEO School podcast, where she shares insights and advice on leadership and entrepreneurship. The podcast features interviews with successful business leaders and offers practical tips for growing a business and achieving success.

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Have you heard of Nadya Okamoto?

Nadya Okamoto is an inspiring and influential person who has made a positive impact in the world. From a kid's perspective, she is a role model who teaches us that no matter our age or background, we can make a difference. Nadya is a social entrepreneur, activist, and author who founded the non-profit organization Period, which aims to end period poverty and stigma around menstruation. She was just 16 years old when she started Period, and her efforts have since helped millions of people around the world. Period is an organization that provides menstrual products and education to people in need. Through their work, they have helped to break down the stigma around menstruation and provide resources to those who...

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Why the child in your life needs the Laila doll in theirs!

Do you ever worry about the toys you are buying ending up being played with for one day, and then never being touched again?  We understand, and that is why you should check out Laila!  The Laila doll will become your child's BFF.  A relationship that will last throughout childhood. Here are 4 Reasons why your child will love Laila: Laila is representative of a South Asian child. Toys should reflect a balanced mix of gender, ethnicity and ability. Laila will be a companion that offers your child a mirror for themselves or a window that the world is much bigger than what they might see everyday.  We also wanted to make sure Laila looked like a child.  Childhood is short, we don't want our...

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