Why the child in your life needs the Laila doll in theirs!

Do you ever worry about the toys you are buying ending up being played with for one day, and then never being touched again?  We understand, and that is why you should check out Laila!  The Laila doll will become your child's BFF.  A relationship that will last throughout childhood.

Here are 4 Reasons why your child will love Laila:

Laila is representative of a South Asian child. Toys should reflect a balanced mix of gender, ethnicity and ability. Laila will be a companion that offers your child a mirror for themselves or a window that the world is much bigger than what they might see everyday.  We also wanted to make sure Laila looked like a child.  Childhood is short, we don't want our kids to rush to that teenage/ adult phase.  Children deserve to enjoy this time now, as they are.

Dolls encourage creativity. Our world is full of tech-based toys and prescriptive play. Do you remember when you were a child and you made up games, or played for hours in a fort you built. With kids no longer being bored for hours and having constant entertainment thrown at them, it discourages creativity.  Laila, is tech free and helps stimulate young imaginations.

Dolls can help kids understand themselves and others better. Kids develop empathy when playing with dolls. Dolls can helps kids to engage in different scenarios, and help them with role-playing and understanding the world around them better. 

Dolls promote outdoor play. Outdoor play and regular physical activity for children are well-known and widely-reported. This is screen-free fun which is a huge benefit to our children.  Your child will love take their BFF Laila on all their adventures, from puddle jumping to chai parties!

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